Сircular rotation digital clock

Hello! I want the seconds to move in a circle along the dial. I managed to rotate around the axis, but it doesn’t work in a circle. I am writing a message through a translator on this, sorry for the possible confusion. Help me please.

Hi @6771608013792,

See the below posts and I hope you will get what you are looking for,

Battery Percentage using a Circle

Circular progres bar


Thanks, but I don’t want it that way. In my project, the seconds should move in a circle and be centered. Double rotation. With “Angle” I can set the rotation about the axis for the reference to the center. But for movement in a circle, for example R = 160 pix. I can’t find a formula for changing the X and Y coordinates. If possible))

You want something like the sample Shuttle85 Hand 2 for seconds. You would need a different image.

If you want to move a digital clock around a circle you would do better to have an index with the numbers and a rotating hand that shows and hides the numbers. It seems like seconds would not be suitable for reading each second. You could also use a digital clock with placement to move it around but the tags would be complicated.


I could only do that.

The Appearance tools have the ability to align to the left and right. Is it possible to do top or bottom alignment? I think with such an opportunity, I would have been able to do what I had planned.

Hello, GWS/GWD does not have ability to align text to top or to bottom of the text field, but with use of bitmap font you can simulate it, if you prepare image for each digit, that is tall and transparent where the actual digit is placed on top or bottom like this:

A good idea! I’ll try to do this. Thank you!

It turned out as I wanted. Thank you!!!