Rotating Index keeping numbers upright

I am trying to create a watch face similar to the new Pixel face that has rotating seconds and minutes. On the Pixel, as the indexes rotate (one for minutes and one for seconds), the numbers stay upright.

I cam make an index rotate in WFS, but the numbers rotate as the index moves.

Using sin and cos as in this post : Question about rotating dot in HR , I can set individual numbers to stay upright as they move, but I’d have to do that individually for each number on the face.
Is that the only way to do this?


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Thanks, I figured that was the only option.

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Can you use 12 rotating images that show and hide every 5 seconds to give the appearance that the dial rotates?

Just my guess.


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Interesting. I want the numbers to be visible as they move, so I may just use the sin and cos tags for positioning for each number.


Hi Target,

I am also trying the same watch face like a pixel. So far using sin and cos, I was able to rotate text components upright. But the motion of this number is not smooth it’s like normal ticking. How can I make this motion smooth? You mentioned/replied figuring out all at once option what is it?
Can you share what you have written?


You can use the grouping function and the angle function.
However, it does not move smoothly due to the limitation of the tag function of WFS.

Concentric sample


Yes, Isac
Thanks for the insites. My watch face looks like that from the video. Same ticking pattern not smooth. So I guess it can be only done through the android studio. If so, how to do that?

Mine is also a bit jerky.
I don’t think there’s anyway to make it rotate smoothly, while keeping the letters upright. We can only do one or the other.

That looks great. That’s what was I trying to do. It’s not perfect, but it’s a fun project to work on.

Of course, my Galaxy 4 classic died last night, so I have to figure that out first