How to rotate minute numbers like a minute-hand?


Hi, I want the minutes (59 in picture) rotating around the green circle like a minute-hand does.
How can I achieve what I’m trying to do?


I have tried this before by adding some sin and cos functions into the position property. They worked perfectly in GWD but not on the watch. Maybe someone more clever has a solution.

Here is how you can do it prepare images from 1-60.Add digital clock ICU format mm, in bitmap fonts, go to custom "add text string 01 add the image for 1 that is your first clock.
Now do the same for the 02 in another clock and image . Please remember you will have 60 digital clocks with the appropriate image corresponding to the minute, place them and rotate them as you please.
Another way would be through tag expressions, put in text images from 1-60 and tag the opacity as
100*([m]==1) for 1 minute and so on, it should work. then place and rotate

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I used the second option and it works great. Thanks! :grin:

I have to agree that is a better solution.
Glad I could help

I already made this kind of motion. Please refer to the “PoeticDials Aventurine 03” in the Galaxy Store.

As ran1582838102 mentioned above, sin and cos function work in the Galaxy Watch Designer.
e.g. circular translation motion
x position = 50*sin(2*3.141592*[s]/60)
y position = 50*cos(2*3.141592*[s]/60)

However, if the watchface is compiled and run in the Galaxy Watch, it does not work.
I thought that the string that “sin”, “cos” is omitted in the compiling process.

So, I made the circular translation motion by the polynomial series approximating the sin and cos functions.

First, you should get the polynomial series approximating the sin and cos function.
e.g. x position = a3*x^3 + a2*x^2 + a1*x^1 + a0
You can get the coefficient a0, a1, …, an by Talyor series or numerical methods.

Second, make the parameter
The parameter “x” should be a function of TAG expressions such as [s], [H].

Please note that the operator “^” does not work in the GWD and Galaxy Watch.
So, you should write x*x*x instead of x^3.

@ [PoeticDials]

  • I have not mentioned anything about sin and cos* tags


Oh, I’m sorry.
I should’ve mention ran1582838102.