Is it possible to call the UI text entry component from within a watch face?

In order to have some of the features customizable on my new watch face project, I need the the ability to enter text by the user. I have tested the UI text entry component (elm_entry_* functions) on a normal UI project. I managed to get them working and the soft keyboard to appear. But when I implement the code in my watch face project, the soft keyboard simply doesn’t show up.

Before I post my text-entry code here, I would like to know whether it is principally possible to call UI components (like the soft keyboard, genlist, circle_surface, etc.) from within a watch face project.

Note: I also tried to create a separate project for the text entry (saving the settings as preferences) and then bundling it with the watch face via the Multi Package function of Tizen Studio. But it turns out that a watch face cannot be bundled with a UI project (only with service projects). So, not a viable solution.


Actually did not find enough information about this for the native application. But found a document for web here-

Thanks, looks interesting. However, I’m not sure that I can use that, since I don’t want to create a new input method. I just want to use the default soft keyboard in order to enter text. Or in general, to create UI components in order to display a list of user customizable settings. This is for watch faces with a high degree functionality. (This is by the way totally easy and straight forward to achieve on Wear OS.)