Is making a sticker pack the same as making an app?

I just got a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and I’m absolutely adoring it. I’ve wanted one of these since the first model but I think I’m glad I waited until they had worked out some of the kinks. I’ve been heavily using Samsung’s calendar and notes, and I’m practically obsessed with the use of the sticker packs, namely the ones off the Galaxy Store that are specifically compatible with the calendar. In notes I use them to decorate “journal” pages where I keep a log, with pictures, on the growth of my flower garden. However, one of my gripes is that specific stickers I’d want to use for such things don’t really exist (and samsungs notes app only uses one font, which is boring), so it’d be cool to make my own. I’m a digital artist so it’s easy enough for me to draw some up on photoshop or illustrator, but how would I then go about getting it on the sticker section of the store, or onto my own phone? I’ve read into becoming a themes designer, and how to become a private seller to get your app on the store, but I only want to make more stickers for myself and potentially others if they’re interested to use on their calendars/notes - is it the same process? Is it even possible?

There is at least one 3rd party sticker maker for creating Stickers for your own use and several on Play Store for What’s app. I think because of copyrights and IP infringement I don’t think you can. Samsung AR Emoji may work for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

because of copyrights and IP infringement I don't think you can.

It’s my own artwork and graphics I want to upload/sell, not others’.

I’m also painfully aware of how many personal sticker makers there are out there in the app stores. I have done many, many deep internet searches trying to figure this out, which have all only turned up how to make them for myself on whatsapp, or how to download already existing ones. Asking here was my last resort. It’s like nobody else except the people who upload the stickers even knows. Whatever their secrets may be :sweat_smile:

Since no one else responded I will :slight_smile: It seems most stickers in the Samsung store are now uploaded through Mojitok so you may want to check them out as an option.