Theme Designs for Personal use?

I wanted to spice my phone up a little with a new theme. However, i can’t seem to find one i like.
After searching a bit i found the introduction on how to become a Samsung theme designer.
Now the thing is: I don’t want to upload/sell the theme(s) on the galaxy store (or at all).
I want to design it just for myself and my phone. With that in mind, creating three designs and applying to this position is a lot of work, which doesn’t pays out in the end.
So here is my question: Is it possible to get a stripped down version of the design programm, so that i can make a theme for myself ?
Including custom App symbols etc.

To ensure device security there is no personal version.

Samsung Developer Team

Please excuse the Question - But how does not allowing me to make a Design for myself ensure device security ?

I supposed i will go and apply then. I would like to note that i don’t like those limits to personalizing my phone.

Thanks for your fast answer!

By device security I don’t mean hacking, I mean you could create something that affected some other app without realizing it. You can change wallpapers to personalize your phone if you just want backgrounds. But icons and buttons and other parts of Themes do affect app functionality.

It is probably a waste of time to apply It takes days to create a portfolio and thousands apply and only a very few are selected each application cycle.

Samsung Developer Team

Oh, that’s good to know.

I know that it is, but if i want a personal theme (with other icons) do i have much of a choice ?

Because i could imagine that searching someone and pay them to make it for me would not only cost a big ammount of cash, but might also violate the TOS.

If someone doesn’t volunteer here go to one of the Facebook or other social media groups and ask someone. I believe they can upload it as a Beta test without having it reviewed.


Oh that is an idea too. Thank you! I will consider both.

I am not sure if i phrased my initial question right, as english isn’t my native language.

Personally i would wish for the Phone Theme Editor to have a similar Solution like the Watch Editor:

" Distribute your designs

Galaxy Watch Studio can be used to create watch faces for your own personal enjoyment. However, if you want to sell or distribute your designs in Galaxy Store, you must receive approval from the Galaxy Watch Review Team. See Watch Face Design Review for more information."

From the offical Website

Thanks, I thought that was what you want. You can do Wallpapers and probably achieve 90% of what you want to do.


FYI, you can contact theme designers from the email addresses on their theme descriptions. A lot of indie designers like to get customer requests. Most of my themes are requests from customers and if they are good and fit within my portfolio brand I create them for free and give the idea submitter coupons.