Is using designs from a free source subject to copyright evaluation?

Hello everyone, may I ask whether I would be subject to copyright infringement if I use some designs from free sources on the internet and then modify them to fit my personal style? Thanks

That depends on the source. If the source gives you free comercial usage without restrictions, I think that you won’t have problems. But be careful, the fact that an obscure service gives you access to free images with comercial license doesn’t automatically mean that they have the right to do so. And in the end, you are the one responsible for what you upload. The fact that you can later sue the image provider is a small consolation and probably either impossible or not practical.

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I got it. Thank you Radu.

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to add to Radu’s good answer. You should provide a letter of consent or permission of use.
Most of the Stock sites have some free but not for commercial use images read their Terms and Conditions

If it is something like Instagram you would need the uploaders permission there are forms on the internet for that.

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Thank you so much Ron