How long for the Appeal the Infringement report of intellectual proper


I got some report about the Infringement but without any proof what is similar.
Then I send a email to with my original file designed by me right away. But from that date til now (10 days), I still got nothing from Samsung, my app still in Suspended.

What should I do now? Keep waiting from Samsung?

Thank you and have a good day.

Just because you designed something on your own doesn’t mean you didn’t unintentionally make it similar to some copyrighted material.

You can use various reverse image searching tools to see if your wallpaper or icons are similar to copyrighted ones, maybe you can find out that way at least.


Thank you for your suggestion. I understand about the copyrighted material.

I just want to ask what is the correct way to do the appeal?

  1. Should I wait Samsung response or update my theme right away?
  2. Are there anyway Samsung let me know which part of my designer are similar to copyrighted one?
    Thank you for your idea, but it’s really difficult to do that. Because the reporter just do the spam report.
    Example, I have the book with camera, and there are a million similar results on the web.

How can I know what’s wrong with my designed?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, this department is basically dead. When you report someone plagiarizing your artwork, they never respond or may request you to provide an exstensive proof of its authenticity that most of us simply don’t have (such as formal IP registration). But when someone is reporting you for whatever reason, they just suspend your content and hardly ever listen to your attempts to defend yourself. And no, they don’t provide any explanations like what part of the image is considered to be violation of someone’s else IP.
I can only suggest you to send all copies of your appeal to the Developers Support, so it has a chance to reach more people there.


If you share the image in question we may all be educated, and will help us understand their thought process. And some may offer suggestions as to the issue?

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