Samsung Store has Zero Tolerance for IP Infringement

Watch Face and Theme Designers, Tizen and Android Developers

Samsung has a zero tolerance for plagiarism intentional or unintentional. It is the requirement of developers and all designers both Theme and Watch Face to check for any IP infringement prior to submission to the store. If it is determined that any infringement occurred the seller account may be forfeited immediately without notice in accordance to the Terms and Conditions agreement.

Before uploading content Developers and Designers should review the IP Infringement Check List and App Distribution Guide.

Designers you should use at least two reverse image programs to check for images to be sure they are original. If you are using an image from stock image store be sure to include license for commercial use. Most the free images are not for commercial use. Do your investigation on all images; even when you created the image. It does not matter if copying is unintentional, you are responsible.

Developers must also take defensive measures for their content before submission to the seller portal.

If you see a design that appears to be a copy of a product or other designer’s work please report this as well as copies of your work. Submit report this to as well as the Seller Portal support channel. Include any images as well as what was copied and by who and other relevant information.

The community is in task with you, ensuring that Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes stores only distribute original content.

Ron Liechty

Samsung Developer Program

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