itemTapped Event wont fire if Listview has only item

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling with an issue. I notice that the ItemTapped or ItemSelected event will not fire if the listView/CircleList view has just one item. I have tried using a ContentPage and a BezelInteractionPage but have seen same results. Any idea what could be the best way to address this?

(My Application is a Tizen.NET wearable app with Xaml)


Hello Nouman,

Welcome to the Samsung Developers Forum; we’re happy to have you with us!

Seems you’ve already developed a sample application and having issues with using an API. Considering your scenario, we recommend creating a developer support request sharing the sample application code/project, screen recording/video of the issue, and necessary logs.

Developer Support | Samsung Developers

Thus we would be able to provide the necessary support to you; once we reach a resolution, we can share an update on this forum post for the community’s convenience.

Best Regards,
Armaan Ul Islam
Samsung Developer Relations.