JavaScript error occurred in the main process


Hello, friends.

What happened?

I saved it and ran it again, and it suddenly became like this.

Out of all the files, only this file is like this.

Plz, help!

Hi Maximus,

An ASAR file is a cross platform archive used to package source code for an application and that appears to be corrupted.
First thing to do is reboot your PC (reboot not shut down and restart) and see if it resolves itself.

Does this occur when you are launching WFS opening a project or is during the Build.

If it is launching WFS then then I’d suggest you backup all your workspace and uninstall WFS reboot and reinstall it.

Hope this helps

Samsung Developer Relations

When I click on the WFS file I created, an error message appears immediately.

Delete WFS → Reboot PC → Install WFS again

I tried this, but an error message still appears.

Where did you install Watch Face Studio
by default for a single user it saves it in
If that is where it is delete that folder delete the WFS install file and redownload that.

If that doesn’t work then You will need to create a Tech Support bug report and support will work with the WFS development team. They should have a better grasp on what file is corrupt

Samsung Developer Relations