JSON on fingerprint - Android 13 T

Jakia from the dev team has confirmed 1440x1440 is the correct size. So do what Redacted and resalee say in their posts above.

Yes, it’s 1440x1440px, they updated the GTS Fingerprint Information tab with that in V2 :slight_smile:

Jakia wouldn’t answer my questions, she told me to open a PSS ticket, oh well.

However, feel free to use that large fingerprint in your animation, I’m sure customers will love it, especially the older ones, they can’t miss it :rofl:


I managed to get to work, but i think it is time consuming to make it

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Someone could post a .JSON file that Galaxy Theme Studio can load without problems.
As much as I look at the source code of the file, I can’t get it to load.

Try size 1440x1440 px

With the 1440x1440 px. it gives me the same error. And the other parameters I meet


It’s working for me. So double check all the parameters. With 1500ms @ 60fps, you animation should have less than 90 frames total.

It could be how it was exported from AE. I use https://aescripts.com/bodymovin/

Also, not all AE features are supported. Lottie Docs

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