Animation on unlocking by fingerprint (people are complaining)

I made some themes and updated others and put animations in the fingerprint. The problem I see is that many people are not enjoying this new feature. Some people ask if it’s possible to take it out and how (suggesting it’s optional).

I have received some emails reporting problems when the theme is changed to another and the animation remains and has been frustrating the user. I tested it on my S22 Ultra cell phone and this bug actually occurs. I recommend that users report to Samsung through Samsung Members.

So, I stoped to up animations.

Captura de tela 2023-01-31 161300

Captura de tela 2023-01-31 162102

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I don’t do fingerprint animations because I doubt it’s worth my time. I do not see it as a selling point for customers. I’ve never had a comment where someone wished a theme had fingerprint animation :slight_smile:

However it isn’t just this animation that causes problems. I get a LOT of comments from customers that they cannot un-install my free icons, which aren’t animated of course. I think it’s a cache issue on their part.

All I can do is tell them to reinstall the default theme to get rid of the problem.

Yes, I also say to apply the default theme of the cell phone and if the problem persists, you have to reapply it and leave. And that they report on Samsung Members.


Same here. It seems like a pretty time consuming task that nobody cares about. So I ignore it, but what actually bothers me is that Theme Editor team is introducing such a doubtful features while cutting off more important ones.
So I wonder, if they ever do any user research to find out what our current customers actually want to get or not really? :thinking:


Same here, I hope the dev team will fix it soon.

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It looks like this issue hasn’t been fixed yet. Can we get an estimate date? If it’s a low priority for the dev team, I’ll remove it for now. Thanks

The idea is cool, but many people ask to complain and without the option to give up, and when changing the theme, the animation of the theme remains. Unfortunate, and this still hasn’t been fixed. I stopped putting it in my themes, and in updates I’m taking it out.

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