GWD Digital Clock / Bitmap Not Showing up?!

Hello all,

Just did a fresh install on V 2.0 and for some reason if I try to add a Digital Clock it doesn’t show up on my workspace area… Just the highlighted box around where the digital clock should be. The same thing happens whenever I try to add a bitmap image to replace text. For instance, if I replace “Jan” with an image I want to show up when the month is 01 it doesn’t appear…

Anyone else running into these issues?


Complete shutdown not restart will probably take care of it
This is a common phenomenon , when ever a new version comes out

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Trying it now!! I hope the solution is that easy :slight_smile:

So the Digital Clock came back to normal just like you mentioned but the Bitmap still isn’t working.

Any other suggestions!?

Appreciate it!

Create a new clock and add the bmp images.
That is a flaw which is still not resolved