Launch request with SAP

Is it possible to create a launch_request with SAP?

I want to launch an application on the watch by initiating it from the phone via SAP. Is it possible, or not?

Yes, its possible. You can establish connection phone<->watch and send your command to launch any package on the watch. Guides and download here: Galaxy Watch - Build | Samsung Developers

Thanks for confirming. Could you please help me finding the correct information about this?

Main page of Galaxy Watch is too huge. I did a companion application (Android Provider, Tizen Consumer), everything is working, so I’d say I’m not a beginner, but I couldn’t find any information on how can I launch an application on the watch from Android.

I searched for “launch” in ProgrammingGuide_Accessory_v2.6.4.pdf too, didn’t found any reference to launch requests.

Maybe I have to put autoLaunchAppId into accessoryservices.xml?
Or maybe I have to change launch-on-attach to true in manifest?

Thanks a lot!