Layer: fade in, stay 2 seconds, fade out

I wonder is there is a formula that enables layer fade ins/outs. If I have a layer that I smoothly like to fade in - then have it stay on screen maybe 2 seconds - and then fade back out… Is something like this possible at all with expressions?

put an animation over it that opacity of the frames Start at 100% then gradually decreases and then is zero for 2 seconds then gradually increases to 100% blocking the layer fully

There are triggers to start an action such as tap or on start up. There are other settings such as a delay so you could have it happen every 5 seconds and lots of other tricks.

I tried it on a simple test and it seemed to work OK

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Hi Ron - thanks so much for your prompt reply.

I was planning to do a fade between the Date and the Battery percentage with both text fields at exactly the same location - so that on watch wake the Date would fade in first for 2 second and then the date would fade out and the Battery percentage would fade in and stay. This might be a little difficult to achieve with a top layer that just changes opacity…

Are there any other workarounds?

For a glance at the watch this could take too long. Maybe just let them exchange every two or three seconds in a loop.

Hi Peter… Yes, this probably needs some fiddling. Thanks for the reply!