Swap time to date on the user's tap

Hi All,

I am trying to create a watch face with a digital display which is meant to be quite static and large.
I have two overlapping layers.
One with time and the other beneath it with date display.

I want to swap between those two layers.
On the user’s tap, switch off time/switch on date and show for 2 seconds then switch back to time display.

I tried animation, as you can run it on the user’s tap - but it doesn’t support anything but images (no time/date layers can be used).
Also, none of the TAG expressions supports changing the opacity on the user’s tap.

Any other ideas?


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Yes Please . I would like to see how that could be done . :slightly_smiling_face:

I can do this with Tap change image if they are in slightly different areas and not on top of one another. You use a 2 seconds animation where the last frame is invisible over the entire time but not the date and the animation is invisible over the date and covers the time.

I think to have in the same position you need to use Android Studio and Jet Pack and code it.

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Hi Ron,

Thank you for your advice.
But unfortunately to follow the overall idea of the watch face they need to be exactly one under another.
If there is no option to do it this way it looks like I am out of luck.
I know that I could do it with coding all in Android Studio. I did it for the home screen widget version of my clock, but the beauty of the WFS is that you can easily avoid any coding and still have beautiful watch face. And as we all know best and 100% bug free coding is no coding at all :grin:

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