On the leaderboards widget, it says “Steps (last 7 days)”. But I’m not sure if only the steps are from the last seven days, or all three of the stats tracked are. I was curious about this, since I realized I couldn’t have walked 22 miles in a single day.

If you have any queries regarding Samsung Health SDK, you can reach the team via Developer Support with below information:

  1. Steps to reproduce the issue with Sample application
  2. Demo Video/Screenshot of your problem
  3. Expected Result
  4. Dumpstate log

Please follow the below steps to collect dumpstate log from the device you found the problem:

*First, make sure the Developer Option of your device is “ON” before applying the following steps.

a) Dial *#9900#, Delete Dumstate/logcat
b) Dial *#9900#, Select Debug Level to MID. This restarts the device.
c) Reproduce the issue
d) Again dial *#9900# and press “Run Dumpstate/logcat”
e) When it is finished press “Copy To SD Card (include CP Ramdump)
f) In the main (root) directory of the device file system, please look for the directory ‘log’. That directory would contain the dumpstate log file generated, having the name format: dumpstate__
g) Compress the “log” folder and share it with us

Samsung Developer Program team