HealthConnect does not allow you to receive data about the exact numbe


We are creating an app that uses HealthConnect to retrieve data from Samsung Health and provide it to users.

I’m having trouble with my step count for my current workout.

In the case of exercise, the number of steps taken during exercise for 24 minutes is not recorded properly.
Using start, endTime in the property of “ExerciseSessionRecord”
I create and call Aggregate, but only strange step count data comes in.
But it does get the heart rate accurately.

I also tried increasing the timeRange by one day or one hour, but I could not get data on the number of steps recorded in Samsung Health.

How to solve this issue?

What watch are you using for this is it a Galaxy Watch or Pixel watch. I’m aware of an issue with Pixel watches not having the correct step count that is to be fixed later this mnth.

If this is a Galaxy Watch updated to Wear 4 please ensure that in the Health app settings that share with Health Services is enabled. If both are true there may be a bug and should be reported.

You can do this by opening a Developer Support Request It would help if you include the code you are using.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for your reply “Ron”

I shared all the issues I found out.

The issues are as follows:

Activity - Calories and distance data not coming into HealthConnect

Sleep - Sleep type (awake, light, rem, deep) is entered as unknown in Health Connect.

Exercise - Step count is displayed differently than shown in Samsung Health (distance and calorie data are normal).

If the issue has already been reported, what is the next Samsung Health update schedule?

Or what is the distribution schedule for the build that fixes the issue?


The Health team like all of Samsung development teams do not give out the target dates for updates, other than approximate dates.

I wish I could be of better help,

Samsung Developer Relations


I asked and there is a release to be pushed in December 2023.

I believe it has fixed the issues you reported.

Samsung Developer Relations