Limit the progress bar DOT from going over the limit


How can I limit the dot from going past the end of the progress bar, please?
Thank you

Correct the formula…what is the angle of the green progress bar?

Make sure your pivot is the same as progress bar pivot

Formula e.g x degrees bar,

Dot rotation should be

(X/100)* percent

I suppect its ((90/100)* [BATT_PER])

If formula is correct…the pivot of the dot is off

Thank you Knightwing, I got it working. Sorry for troubling you.
That was for the steps. progress bar on the top of the other.
so this is my formula, and it’s working. I never done it before.
Cos the max steps 50000. so it looks good so far.
Thank you again for the help.

Hi, you could set goal on watch or wfs
And use [SC_PEC] instead

I will try it out tomorrow. And let you know.
Thnx Knightwing so much.

This code you mean
Yep, it does work.
Thank you