Progress Bar Example

I created 3 progress bars, background is 0%,with a separate background on 50 %
1 . steps if above steps goal it is not growing further
2. Heartrate if above 150 it is not growing further
3. Battery

Formula steps place it in 0+ tag
([SC]<=[SC_GOAL]? ([SC]/720):([SC_GOAL]/720))
720 is how great you want the bar. Progress Background value is steps goal divided by 720 you can change it whem you want to get a greater or smaller bar
Formula heartrate: place it in 0+ tag max heartrate is set to 150
[HR]<=150? [HR]/7.5 : 20
Progress background is 20
I attached the wfs file in the zip file (476.1 KB)


Thanks for the example very useful, I’ve added it to my hints for others. !!

Were the step count and Samsung Health steps the same?

Samsung Developer Relations

Steps count on the watchface are the same as on Samsung Health.


Hello, can you please help me how to reverse the direction of decreasing for battery progress bar?
Thank you!


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