Lock Screen Menu- Export Error

I keep getting this error but I can’t seem to fix it. I can’t find the " black" menu it is talking about.

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Same here, new Tool Update is complete broken.

This error appears to me too and there is no way to make any kind of changes to the theme that would avoid this warning. Does anyone have a solution to work around this error? Or is it simply waiting for a “correction”?

I can’t update the themes or export the new ones … It’s frustrating to waste time and sales due to problems like this.

No way, wait for fix. And need to report to Premium Support too

I’ve reported it to the Seller store twice over the past two days. Finally got an email this morning (CST) saying they forwarded it to their technical team. I was able to export one theme yesterday but I have no clue why it worked, the Lock General Dark was the same as every other theme!

The screen the error references is the Lock Screen > General For Black