Lockscreen wallpaper and themed lockscreen elements

Is there ever going to be a code fix in order for people to change their wallpapers and not risk losing themed lockscreen elements? It’s a shame that people are held hostage to a theme and not be able to change their wallpapers unless they don’t mind losing themed pin pad.

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Because end user questions disrupt developer discussion this thread will be removed soon.

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Actually this is something that developers have been concerned about too and just for the record this was not just important to a member base but also as a developer. People complain about this topic a lot. This hardly disrupts developer discussions considering the complaints about such things.

HI Fin,

I think you made a convincing argument for keeping the thread alive.

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Can you clarify a little more please? Is it just the pin screen? Because I can apply a theme, then change the lock screen, home screen, or both wallpapers and everything works as before with the previous themed screens?

the first one is before applying a wallpaper. The second one is the broken theme pin pad element after applying lockscreen wallpaper.

It’s always been this way. Even when I had my samsung s8. It’s really messed up that you can’t enjoy certain themed elements if you want to change a wallpaper.

Even just changing the homescreen wallpaper and not applying it to lock screen will destroy themed lockscreen elements.

I take it Noone has had anything to say about this issue?