Marketing/Social media in feedback response, allowed or not?


I just noticed this line in the email you get when the seller leaves a response message to the feedback you gave.

Are we (sellers) allowed to add sentences such as “Follow us on Instagram or Telegram for coupons/more watch faces” to our response or not?

Any help is appreciated!

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My interpretation is that THEIR reply should not contain marketing materials or advertisements. I doubt anyone is monitoring your response, so it should be fine to include links to your social media… You probably have those links in your app descriptions anyway.

Yeah that could be the case, but why is it send after you get a response from the seller?
Because this mail is sent to the buyer and not the seller itself.

Sorry, I’m kinda confused. A buyer downloads your app, and if they leave a comment or rating, you don’t get notified. You need to look on each app or the seller portal to see the comments and ratings left. If you respond to the comment or feedback left by the “purchaser” then the “purchaser” will get an email with your response. Otherwise they would not know you responded. You don’t need an email cause you are the one who responded, you know what you said :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right.

But that was not my question.
Please look at the topic again.

The buyer isn’t going to report himself to Samsung. That wouldn’t make any sense.

Yes, I misunderstood the original question sorry. In this case, I don’t think Samsung would like if we put links to our social media pages in any replies to comments left by buyers of our apps.