Using reviews/ratings as chat rooms

Hello. This topic about young Korean users using reviews/ratings as chat rooms was mentioned a while ago. This is getting out of control. It doesn’t bother me personally, but I want to be able to read “real” comments, especially if they are on PAID THEMES (chat rooms only flood free content). I don’t like censorship or surveillance.

[Removed unsolicited idea and feature request from title and content]

The forum is here to help developers with apps they create using Samsung’s SDKs and tools. You are soliciting a feature for a Samsung product. We are not a conduit for feature requests on Samsung products.

Contacting support using a form provides a way for you to communicate directly with the correct support team when we or the community cannot help you solve a problem.

Themes are created using a Samsung provided tool… GTS. Themes are considered an app in the portal.

We have never had true theme support from Samsung here so the only support we get is from other theme developers.

Themes are created using the Samsung provider tool and are uploaded to the selller portal. Therefore any questions, comments or feedback regarding the tool or portal are absolutely valid for this forum because support from Samsung in this area is practically non-existant.

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Having said that :grin: Alberto, i haven’t had any luck getting Samsung to even fix bugs with their Seller Portal, let alone make enhancements.

Those spam comments are annoying for sure but the only way I’ve been able to stop them is to respond that they have been reported to Samsung and their account is under review… not true but they seem to move on :rofl:

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The topic title [deleted] is an unsolicited idea and feature request for Seller Portal.

The topic content mentions an issue about reviews. Feel free to discuss this issue. In fact, Redacted has given you his solution.

However, for this topic to remain open, please remove the unsolicited idea and feature request from your original post and title. Also, feel free to reach out directly to the Seller Portal support team to ask about this issue and if they have any solutions.

So what is the point of having a forum if every resolution from a Samsung moderator is to open a ticket through the seller portal?

If you want to shut down the forum just remove it and then you don’t have to tell everyone the solution to their questions, comments, feedback or recommendations is to open a ticket.

Really, tell us what you think the purpose of this forum is, i am truly interested.

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Thanks @Redacted -is a good idea. Will try that solution. TY :+1: