Mask won't work

Mask will not work with 12 and 24 hour conditions applied.


You are welcome.
Can you describe how you used the conditions?

I can use a mask but when I add 12 or 24 hour condition the mask will not work. It will just show the mask image or the item I want to ask will not show. I have to remove the condition to make it work. This might be a limitation of the mask function. It would be nice to make this work.


Hi, u doing some thing wrong. The condition should be on the mask. Not the actual elements/ group.

What are u doing with the condition? Change color?

I have 2 digital times. One 12 hour one 24 hour. They both have colors and have conditions for being on either during 12 hour or 24 hour watch selection. My problem is the mask is not working correctly. It is either blocking items on the face or the time is not showing up. I have tried a few different settings but can’t get it to work.


@blu1604754954 Show screenshots of what u doing. Maybe i can spot the mistake or what wrong. It should work if done correctly

As u can see from my it can be done. Its know how.

One way is like my pictures. The other is to have multiple similar image with different mask

What u mean blocking? Other items? Or the masked items?

It is blocking othe items. I will try and get some images. I did not see your pictures on how you did it.

Thank you


You either masked wrongly…as in u should be masking element by element… not a group. Or your mask is wrong order…

As you see nothing was blocked or disappeared in my example

Please read all my replies carefully
Before saying it cannot be done. Unless u tried it and still dont work. Then it wfs fault not yours otherwise i cant help u. If u dont read carefully or try.

Including the blogs i post on masking in yours other topics

I was able to get it working. I conditioned the time and mask as well before and it didn’t work. Just doing the mask did the trick. Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate your knowledge.


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