Regular Expression help 12/24H [IS_24H]


I would like to display some text around the edge of my watchface and one of the things I would like is how you say if 24H=1 then display the text 24H right now it just shows 1 , I also want to say if watch is set to 12H it says 0 I want this to say 12H. I have being trying this for hours and would like some help please.

([IS_24H]==1) 24H
([IS_24H]==0) 12H


You can use an expression like this
(([IS_24H] > 0) ? "24H" : "12H")

For some reason, the comparison [IS_24H] == 1 does not work

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You can also use the condition line to make one or other form visible.
Make one text that says 24H and displays only when 24h form is used.
Make digital clock field on same spot, that shows only the [AMPM], visible only when 12h form is used. (when AM or PM is displayed, there is no need to explain that it is there for 12h form).

Works perfect thanks you for your help much appreciated.