Month of the year

I tried to use Mon of the year.[Mon]. In WFS.
I implemented the code in the Rotation section. But the handler didnt move according to the code from 1(first month) to the 12(last month) based onthe month we are in it, which is June #6!.

Is it anything I’m doing wrong?
Can you help please, thank you.


There’s actually no need to use tags for this.

You can add your image as an analog hand (Add component - Analog hands), and then set its properties to “Month of year” instead of the default “Hour” or whatever you chose.
It should automatically set 12 (December) at the top, but you can also adjust this by rotating the element if needed.

Analog hand elements have these basic date functions built in as options, it’s pretty quick to set up. :+1:


Thank you so much @enkei_design . I cannot beleive it. How did I miss that!

Wow… i forgot totally about it sorry… you’re right.
Thnx again