Moon Phase Image Not Displaying - Active2

I created a watch face for the Active2 using GWD software. It displays images of the 4 main moon phases.

I set this up a while ago but now forget how I wrote the moon phase coding & where it appears… it was complicated for me to sort out at the time. I do know I used If… then… + numerical data elements somewhere in the UI.

It was working fine when I set it up. It changed my uploaded moon phase images as each moon cycle progressed over the period of a month while I tracked it to ensure it worked.

Today I re-displayed that face on my Active2 (I alternate which face is showing & sometimes hide (not uninstall) b/c I’ve created quite a few faces) and the appropriate moon phase is not displaying.

In fact, no moon phase is displaying for today (Jy 9, 2021). The New Moon kicks in tonite around 9:15pm. But it seems to me the current moon phase should display until that time. Not be hidden.

Again, my design worked okay when I 1st designed this watchface. I tried rebooting my watch to see if that helped. It didn’t. Yes, my Samsung S10+ phone is on, sync’d with the watch & in close proximity.

I checked the GWD s/w to be sure the moon images hadn’t inadvertently gotten covered. They hadn’t:
1- When I slide the ‘Days’ slider in the right panel I see an image displayed in the Preview on every day except today
2- My 4 moon images are all higher in the layer stack than any background elements (so shouldn’t be hidden by backgrounds, etc.)
3- And, just to be sure, today I also ensured the 4 moon images were all moved to front/forward.

None of this has helped. All I see is a blank where today’s photographic moon phase image should be. Any ideas why the moon image isn’t displaying just today & how to remedy it?


Unfortunately, it still gives me a different rotation in the editor and on my watch.
In the editor, the rotation is ok (but the rotation is rotated 90 degrees (in relation to those two images of dial moon phase you posted before)).
I compensated for that by rotating image I used as those 2 orbs.

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Jakia Sultana wrote a great blog on Tags using Moon phase as an example. An issue with moon phase is it is 29.5 days.

That should help sort it out for you.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Thx Ron.

I’ll chk it out!

Her name sounds familiar. I may have watched her video(s) for tips.

The right moon image is displaying on my watch today.

Hmmm. I hope her blog post will help me troubleshoot what might cause the display gap so I can prevent it occurring again.

Take care!