Opacity tag for moon phases not working

Hi everyone,
I have prepared a set of 28 images that show the various moon phases.
I’m thinking about two possible solutions here:

The easy one: show hide image with each passing moon phase. I prepared this tag:
This is not working in the test pane to the right.

The hard one: Show the image for the first half of the phase, then dim it out during the next half, while at the same time fading in the image for the next phase, and so on.

Again: something seems wrong with the first tag. And I have absolutely NO idea how to set up a tag for the second solution…

ANY help would be very much appreciated!!!


Jakia Sultana wrote an excellent tutorial on using moon phase settings for opacity. READ THE BLOG

I think that will answer all your questions.

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I was looking at doing something very similar with my watch, but had no idea how to implement it, as it’s not one single image but 28. I wanted to make a shifting pattern based on individual moon pics and phases on a daily basis, NOT per quarter phase (a bit boring).

What I wanted to do was make each picture/phase the full size of the watch face as a background, with the hands/digital face on top. Now I’m not sure if this is at all possible, but I thought it would be a really cool idea, and just wondered if anyone had managed to pull off this kind of changing face, or indeed if the code behind the watch face would let you do it.

I have no knowledge of how to make this work, and I’d be interested to hear some ideas if this was at all possible, thanks.

I had read the blog that was mentioned as well already and yes, it is not what I want. I want 28 separate images changing with [mp] changes. I borrowed the tag from the blog and applied this to image #14:
Unfortunately this did not work properly in the test pane on the right.
I re-used the tag for all other images, but no success so far.

Hi, I guess you missed the explanation about and/or logic operators.
For making image appear on a certain day, both conditions must be fulfilled, not first or second one.
Try condition for opacity like 100*([mp]>=14)*([mp]<15).

In addition to the opacity, you can use moon phase tag with rotation as well as placement to shift images on and off the watch face.

If you create one image with many moons on it like an index you can create a matte with a visible hole and rotate it.


That’s it!! Thank you!!

Excellent Idea! Will try that as well!

I just did exactly that, with much help from Peter. If you want, I can provide you with the 28 moon phase pictures in HiRes.
The tag 100*([mp]>=14)*([mp]<15) works fine for Image #14 and so on to #27 and back to #0

I only downloaded GWS last night and I’m still getting my feet wet. I have the 28 hi-res moon pics (probably the same source as you) and I’m getting the complications sorted out as we speak. I’m trying to figure out why the weather isn’t among the complications to add to the design on the watch face, but like I said, I’m still new.

As far as coding goes, I haven’t seen anywhere so far that I can manipulate the tag lines, so that’s something I’ll need to either get help with or look into. I just hope I can make a daily rotating background of moon phases like I’m trying for right now, and I’m not a coder, so I’ll be ecstatic if I can do that.

You can add a tag by double-clicking in the box next to the word Opacity, where it says 100%. Then you get the tag editor. Paste in the code and enter.

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I’ve managed to do that, but I still can’t get the background images to cycle daily.

Well, a bit more often than daily since there are 28 images.
You will have to make 28 layers, each containing that image. Based upon the moon phase [mp] the opacity tag per image will show/hide that image.

Weather and Health can not be used in the same watch face. Think of them as trains on parallel tracks.

see this page for how to work with weather

Enjoy developing watch faces it is a great hobby.

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I recommend also to read other chapters from the tutorial page that Ron provided.
There are many topics with useful info, for example about the expressions.

I know I said I was getting my feet wet, but as usual, this programming effort (for me, anyway) is like concrete-blocking my feet at the deep end. Are there any tutorials for this kind of coding? I just went on youtube and couldn’t find much. This stuff seriously goes over my head, I need to be walked through it.


I was referring more to the coding/programming aspect of this endeavour; the watch face design is intuitive enough, but sorting out the background layers and understanding the coding that goes behind it all is another matter.

I can’t get GWS to play ball with the backgrounds.

If you want to rely on youtube, there is a channel with some good examples
but specifically about expressions, I guess there is only this older webinar video

The example there is different from what you want to do, but maybe helps to see how it works.

Now I can’t get the conditions in the operation listed above to cooperate with GWS. According to the software, I’m using weather- or location-based features in my watch face design (which I’m not).

"This feature cannot be used with the below features.

  • Weather type
  • Current Temperature
  • Weather Humidity
  • City name
  • Last update Time

To use this feature, disable above features or remove objects which have used above features."

I’m not sure where to go with this now.