Hour hand not displaying

Sorry to have to ask for help again, but it seems that the GWS wants to show me one thing, and once uploaded to my watch, it does something completely different. To be clear, the hour ‘hand’ isn’t a normal hand, it’s an image the size of the watch face that is just above background level.

So I’ve tried this with and without a background, and it does the same exact thing on both occasions. Once the watch design is uploaded, it is transferred to my watch and the hour hand image comes up for all of about one second before it fades away. The background image is all that displays.

I’ve gone through all the settings and haven’t found anything amiss, or any kind of conditions that would make the hour hand do what it’s doing.

Can anyone identify what’s wrong with this scenario?

First off make sure you are designing in the Active window not the AOD window. If the AOD design window is being used you’ll see the current On Pixel Ratio in the bottom window border. This is quite common.
If that isn’t it we really need to know more about this. All hour hands are 360 x 360 images. Are you manipulating it with a tag or is is sync with Hour in Day. Is this a png file or a .jpg file.

Can you upload a screen shot that shows what you have and your settings for that hour hand.

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Hi Ron, no it’s definitely not AOD window issue, so we can rule that out.

It’s not being manipulated with a tag (we’ve established that I suck at this already, I hate programming), however the image I’m using for the hour hand is a 360x360 pixel centre, but on a 512x512 base. Would that do it? It’s synced with Hour in Day.

I’ll crop it to 360x360 and try again to rule that possibility out as well. It’s definitely a .png file. If that option doesn’t work, I’ll throw up a screenie to show what’s going on.

Ok… got it sorted. It turns out that the ‘hands’ (when manipulated as other images and not actual hands) do have to be set at 360x360 pixels. It didn’t like the fact that I had a 512x512 picture with the main image centred and a lot of overhang - although the watch couldn’t see it, it turned out to be enough to nullify the image.

So this watch face now has two hour hand settings, one rotating CW and the other CCW, one minute hand and two seconds hands - and no background image.

I finally got the result I was looking for (for a first attempt), so that’s a load off my mind for now, until I challenge myself with something bigger. Thanks