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I wanted to make the movement of the pointer indicating the type of moon, using this scheme, but I don’t know what values I should use, so as not to let the pointer rotate 360º…

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Don’t use a hand use an image and tags would be better.

Jakia has created an excellent Tag tutorial using moon phases it will give you more ideas.

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But that tutorial doesnt show what I need… I want show a hand move Between 8 moon types (0-7) with a 180°

A hand is a 450 x 450 image that is synced (in this case to the moon type)
create your own hand image and use tags to rotate it. Try [MOON_TY] * 20 that will rotate it 140 degrees.

For trial I created an rectangle image make it from 225 x to 15 y and set the pivot point at 225 x 225 y
July 9th it was straight up and it pivoted to about 4 hour area when I increased days.

You would be better to use Moon position as that is more linear and not as jerky as Moon type.

Hope this helps get you started.

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I finally understood, thanks for the help Ron !!