Zodiac Watch - How To Place the Moon?

I am wondering if it is possible with GWS to place the moon within its current position in the sky, when the watch face is represented by a zodiac.

The Sun I believe I can place using the Day tag within the Rotation property. And the Moon is understood by its phase, but how would I build a tag expression for the placement of the moon relative to the Sun, as seen in the graphic attached?

Update: I can move the Sun using this tag: [ D ] * 30
Wondering how to place the Moon with the [ mp ] tag?

Update: I think I found the expression for the Moon: ( [ D ] * 30 ) + ( [ mp ] * 12 )

I’m stuck on how to rotate a day of the week dial around 360 degrees within a week? I’d like to avoid using 7 images with the opaque tag, as ideally a dial would represent the time within each day as well. So I’m considering the hour tag, and the full 360 degrees would have 168 points for each hour of the week. Any pointers appreciated!

Custom hand and Sync with Day of Week


Thanks, Ron. I did go that route, and it does work fine, just that I was hoping to show a sweep of all 168 hours in the week within one rotation.

Update: Meaning, showing 168 hours in a week within one rotation, using the [ H ] tag expression for Rotation somehow…

I believe I have a solution. I’ll have 7 different dials, one for each day of the week, and use the opacity tag to show or hide each of the day’s dials. Then this tag in the rotation will sweep a full 51.4 degrees for each day, thereby replicating a dial which sweeps around once per week:

( [ H ] * 30 + [ m ] / 2 ) / 14

Try this expression for rotation ([e]-1)*360/7+[H]*360/7/24

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