Most reliable approach to manage ART Mode images on Samsung Frame TVs


I would like to dynamically manage the photos shown a Samsung Frame TV that is set to ART Mode.
Until now I tried to use the Websocket approach (GitHub - xchwarze/samsung-tv-ws-api: Samsung Smart TV WS API wrapper), but it seems that this might work with specific Samsung Frame TV models / firmwares and not with others.

Also I read that Samsung is planning on deprecating the websocket interface support.

So let’s say I have 5 different Samsung Frame TVs, and on each of them I would like to manage a different set of photos centrally at any given time without having to detach a usb stick update it, and stick it back in.

Which reliable option does Samsung offer to let the TVs either poll any photo updates from my server for ART Mode, or - even better - lets my push the info about new images per TV directly to it?

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This is kind of new and over my head but I think what you are looking for is Tizen Business Manager there is an introductory in the Smart Hospitality Display documentation

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Hi @r.liechty_SDR

Thanks for your response - but if I get it properly, the Smart Hospitality Display features require a specific Samsung Frame TV model line that support these kind of features.

I even solved the cumbersome USB handling when updating images on them, but then the user would still need to manually import the files on USB. I hoped that the Frame TV was able to directly play images for ArtMode from the plugged in USB Stick.

Anyway - maybe a different approach:
Would a Custom built app that is installed on a Samsung Frame TV be able to still be active while the TV is on ArtMode? Also would it be possible to auto-start that same custom built app when the tv starts up from OFF ?

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I think you can do what you want using SmartThings see this documentation

Hospitality TVs have Auto Start features so it should be possible you might get some help on that in the Tizen Developer Forums

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Thanks Ron for your response.
The thing is, that in my scenario I do not want to use a mobile app to define the content shown on the TV. I’d like to have an alternative way to upload and play images that I would like to define for today, then maybe tomorrow there are different images, etc.
I do have different Samsung Frame TVs, but they all seem to be only able to play images on Art Mode that have been copied from USB Stick before, or have been managed via the SmartThings App.
I’ll have a look into the Tizen Dev Forums. Thanks Ron


Samsung Frame TV’s used to have an art Websocket interface that would do what you want.

It was removed in the 2022 model year (LS03B), however - I am happy to report that with the latest firmware update (1622), the art mode WebSocket interface is back!

It’s not quite the same as the previous version, some of the commands have been renamed.

For example “get_auto_rotation_status” has been renamed “get_slideshow_status”.

You used to be able to upload files (like jpg), and select images to display, and I don’t know if those features are still there.

You can set the art mode brightness using “set_brightness”, but the old “get_brightness” does not work (but it may have just been renamed).

So experiment with GitHub - xchwarze/samsung-tv-ws-api: Samsung Smart TV WS API wrapper
and see what works.