My theme was rejected again and again

My theme was rejected for the third time.
This is really frustrating because your software doesn’t work well.
How can I still create themes in this circumstances ?

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Check the colors:
I think that you put blue color in TEXT COLOR (DARK) and normal mode. The same color like that background.
I think its here the problem, but, Check it too:

If there is blue color, change!

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That’s a rejection on the Fold so who knows what colors they are really using!

On the S22 Ultra, the blue color is the Button Background Color and the text is from Common > Main Text Color. This is a very common rejection for people.

If those are OK, you can open a ticket and remove the Fold for now.

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Same rejection here, it’s not a fold device, and it’s not about :

I only use that blue in common > primary color and common > point text color

I think primary is being used as background color while point as text color

UPDATE: yes, point color is text color and primary color is backgr. that’s the issue

Is that on the S21? What makes it harder is that they are using -1 phones to test and reject. On my S22 those colors are Main and Button BG. So i test and a theme looks great but will fail on S21 :frowning:

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Yes, it was rejected using a S21 5G. Doesn’t make sense to use a primary color as background, since it’s a color that should pop up, as well as the point color. Complete lack of criteria and common sense

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Which means they can test and approve a theme that works on the S21 but not the S22… Hmmm :slight_smile:

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Tips to avoid most Issues

  • You can test your STP file here , if all Text colors visible, you don’t a rejection due text color
  • never use white text color, use example #d7d7d7
  • If you use Default Nav Images, change the dark Image to color #8f8f8f
  • don’t use opacity colors
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and this?? rejected again :rofl: