New security patch for Android 11 (R-OS)

About the newsletter: “[Notice] Guide to update Galaxy Themes contents for Android 11 (R-OS)”, the current Theme Studio, which is in version 9.1.01w.2 is already compatible to update the update of images, icons and AOD for Android 11?

Hi Luxsank,

Read the FAQ here and if you have any further questions we can help,

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The notice says the latest version creates wallpaper, icons and AOD that will be compatible with Android 11. A later version will create themes compatible with Android 11.

If you have a lot of content I would recommend downloading the stats for all your downloads and only focusing on the top content that has the most sales… otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of time converting content that isn’t downloaded, and probably never will be :smile:

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Yeah, I know, but thanks for the tip anyway.

Hi @r.liechty_SDP
When I opened Galaxy Theme Studio today, I came across this warning:

As per notice of this link
I updated my themes, images, AOD and icons to support Android 11. Which was to have the file above the informed version, my files are in version 9.1.02w.1 or higher that would be to support Android 11 already.
In the notice on the Galaxy Theme Studio today comments that I have to update to v9.2.01w.1 to be compatible on Android 11. Is that it?
Should I update everything again?

It looks like there was an issue with Theme studio v9.1.02w.1 and they released patched version v9.2.01w.1 and asked sellers to recompile there theme using this new version again.
This is just my understanding and I might be wrong. So I would recommend sellers to contact 1:1 PSS support team for further clarification.

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The notice you posted stated:

Galaxy Themes will apply a new security patch for Android 11 (R-OS), which is anticipated to launch later this year. As a result, we will no longer use the existing image format used for “single” products (Wallpapers, Icons, AODs).

Note that it was SINGLE PRODUCTS, not themes, that could be updated using the July version of the GTS tool. The latest version of the tool is to update themes for Android 11, although there are bugs with creating the Seller Portal images.