Warning message for older OS needs to be revised

A user got this error message she clicked on my theme’s store badge link, the theme was just published last week. It turned out that her phone is on Android 9 and the theme only support Android 10 and 11.

So, the error message should be stating about OS incompatibility rather than stating the content is too old.


This is one of those errors when something doesn’t match parameters, they assume that it is older not newer.

Can you create a support request for this. We can then forward it on to the seller portal team. You can also open PSS issue.

Samsung Developer Program

I’ve filed a ticket for this. What’s PSS?

PSS, doesn’t Theme Studio have a premier support service. I may have mixed by abbreviations up.


I don’t know if there is a direct support within Galaxy Themes Studio. I always file tickets through Seller Portal’s support for both themes and watch faces. Thanks Ron.

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