New watch face studio crashes when opening Mac OS Catalina

was able to install the beta version on my Mac running catalina but when trying to open it would crash and automatically send a report to apple.

tried installing it again this morning now that the beta has been upgraded but still having this same problem on this machine. and the install package deletes the previous version so i was lucky i still had the 1.13 version install files in my trash since they are no longer on the download page.

had no problem installing or opening on my other mac running monterey. software requirements on the download page says anything from 10.11 onward. catalina is 10.15

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@Akira also reported this with the older MacOS version in this topic

Did you follow all the instructions on the download page for Does not install? **If so please report this to tech support.**

Samsung Developer Relations

1.14.20 crashes too on Catalina

Correct Catalina is no longer supported by Apple so the WFS team could not certify it.
We did however update the minimum requirements to reflect it is no longer supported.

Samsung Developer

We have updated the requirements showing that Catalina does not meet the minimum requirements. Apple doesn’t support Catalina.

Look around on this forum there is an older 1.3.13 version that someone uploaded and it does run on Catalina

Samsung Developer Relations

Here is the topic where I share a link for an older version.