Galaxy Watch Studio for Mac OS Catalina (10.11 - 10.15)

Hi There!

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Studio is not compatible to Mac OS 10.11 till 10.15 (Catalina) due to Java incompatibilities. Mac does not support Java below version 7.25 and GWS needs version 6.

We won’t be updating to Big Sur in the forseeing future, but will there be a GWS version that will work on a Mac up to Catalina (10.15) ?

Hopefully we can dive into GW Studio soon!

Cheers, Maarton

I haven’t heard from the GWS development team but we did hear that Tizen Studio has a fix and I suspect they shared it with the GWS team.

Samsung Developer Program

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Hello, have you tried to download the JDK directly from Oracle? GWS works for me on Catalina but it doesn’t work on BigSur yet… Waiting for the fix…

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Thanks, @MKWatchface That does the trick :wink: !