Galaxy Watch Studio and Mac Big Sur Update

Currently, Galaxy Watch Studio is experiencing problems with macOS Big Sur. If you want to continue using Galaxy Watch Studio, do not upgrade your macOS.

Samsung is working diligently on this issue and will post updates if and when information is available.

Thank you for your patience as we resolve the issues.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program


I discovered galaxy watch studio after I updated to macOS Big Sur, I was hoping there is some kind of update on this.

Hi Demdal,

I know that the GWS development team is working on this but I don’t know when any patch will be available. You can develop watch faces using Tizen Studio but it is meant for developers not designers without developer knowledge

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Yet another reason to ditch samsung…

A work around for now is you can install parallel desktop on your mac. This will allow you to install windows on your mac and from there you can install the windows version of Galaxy watch studio.

Guys, do an update… This is very uncomfortable. I design on macOS, but I have to pull out my Windows laptop to make it work…

I look for an update every day but I don’t have any date. I know they have a version in testing that runs on Big Sur.
A long term fix will be in the next major release.

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Can we expect the update to be released before the end of this month?

I have hopes but I don’t know. You can try installing the latest Java JDK from Oracle Java SE 15 for Mac and see if that works. It appears that came out after Big Sur’s release

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GWS started, but nothing else happens. I just see a white window((.

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Thanks for trying and letting me know the result.
Please uninstall the JDK so there are no issues when GWS has a fix.

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Hi Ron,

I see that you speak with certainty that the problem is with JDK. Is this confirmed by the development team? I was under the impression that the problem was caused by the new MacOS and it is not related to Java.

I have also tried to use the JDK of Tizen Studio (after it’s fix for Big Sur) and it didn’t work. To me it looks like GWS issue and not Java but i may be wrong…

Kind regards

Both Tizen Studio and use the Eclipse IDE which is Java Based. My understanding is that Apple considers Java a security issue and removed preinstalled Java. I see reports that no developer tools are working in macOS Big Sur

There was one report that JDK 15 set the variables correctly but others say JAVA_HOME needs to be reset.

So Yes it is a GWS issue, Yes it is a Java JDK issue and yes it is an macOS Big Sur. The GWS development team is working on a permanent fix and a short term fix.

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I am told that a release candidate that fixes the Big Sur (and other issues) is in final testing.

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that sounds good. Thanks Ron

What is the progress on this?

Samsung - you’re a joke! First you remove watch faces and apps. Then you produce an inferior platform for development.

No updates? I’m not surprised! A joke… total failure…

Good news, GWS 2.1 that runs on macOS Big Sur is coming soon. I’ve seen the release notes :slight_smile: Korean new year is Friday so I’m not sure if it will be released this week or next week

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Cool…Thanks Ron :smiley:

Thank you sir, that is great news!