Not able to see Audio and Video through Dex connection if content is protected with HDCP NONE

We are currently testing the output protection with widevine license on Samung device that support DEX connection. Although the content is playing on device itself, it fails when we connect an external HDMI to the device even though the rights in the license is configured to allow the external screen playback. Please see below is the details of the devices and the test results.

Device used for testing: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-N950F)
Chipset: exynos8895
Widvine Security Level supported in device: WV L1

Output Protection configured in the content is: HDCP_NONE –Allow External screen playback always
Actual Behavior:

  • Content is playing in Device

  • Content is not playing if it is connected to external monitor through the DEX connection

Expected Behavior:
The Audio video should be seen on TV connected through the DEX cable

Hi raj02052013,

Please report this issue through Samsung Members app. Relevant team will check out this issue.

Thank you.