Remote Test Lab logs me out as soon as I choose a device

Another frustrating problem with Remote Test Lab. Now, I log in, choose a device, it tells me how many credits, I click “Start,” no new window opens, and the window I was in reloads and you have deleted my login cookie. Must log in again. Repeat, repeat, infinitely. Service not usable. Same computer/same browser/nothing changed on my end.

p.s. it’s latest Chrome on Windows 11. Doubt that makes a difference though.

The same happens for me

Same, tried both on chrome and edge and it logs me out inmediately after clicking start

I found that if I go into my browser Settings and delete all cookies for then I could log in and redo 2FA and then it worked. Sigh.

Youre right, I did on an incognito window and it worked.
My guess is that if you just joined to samsung developer program and try to use RTL it won’t work unless you get a whole samsung new session (not only for, but for any samsung site).

Thanks for the advice!