No satellite info on Galaxy Active

Is it possible to get satellite info on the galaxy active watch? I am specifically looking for number of satellites active and in view while in standalone mode(not using a phone’s gps).

When I try using gps_status_set_satellite_updated_cb with my location_manager set to LOCATIONS_METHOD_GPS I get an error in the Tizen Studio log “LOCATION_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED”. I then checked system_info_get_platform_bool using “” and it returned false. This makes it seem like I am unable to get any satellite data on my watch.

However, whenever I register a location callback (such as location_manager_set_position_updated_cb) the Tizen Studio log spits out “LBS_SERVER_GPS dump_log.c: gps_dump_log(302) -> Add dump log [timestamp [1593678046], sat num [8] view num [8] used [7]]” and it periodically logs updates “sat num [20] view num [20] used [12]]” . This is the information I want in my app. Is there anyway i can scrape the gps_dump_log or access this data any other way?