Offline Support Issue - samsung signage

I am adding the prevelidge for <network.public>.

When I am accessing the in Tizen Emulator Its working but in TV Its getting me undefined network Object in webapis.?

I need to store data offline when my connection is getting lost i want to display that data from offline storage. But Network Object is not supporting in TV When I m debugging ?

Can you guide me how to give offline support in Samsung Signage Commercial TV 2.3. I am facing this issue from last 15 days and I need to deliver an app on urgent bases.

Please kindly guide me about offline events, properties and other things using any method.

Your best bet for this is to open a TV Seller Office 1:1 Q/A HERE B2B signage is important but hey are trying hard to help everyone so be sure to mention this is an urgent matter and you have a deadline.

Samsung Developer Relations