Moon Phase Tag to control opacity, problem

I’m trying to set up a sun and moon cycle, rotating on the watch face, and making the moon display different images depending on the moon phase.
I’ve read several guides for how to do this (although for static images, and for GWS not WFS), but I can’t seem to make it work and I don’t know where it’s going wrong.

Here are some examples of how my tags look (only the moon phase position day numbers changing)
Full Moon: ([MOON_PO]>=13.5)([MOON_PO]<=14.5)?100:0
Waning Crescent: ([MOON_PO]>=21.5)

All my images are “analog hands” synced with “Hour in Day” to rotate around the watch face.
Then I’ve added them in a group and set them on a “Show/Hide Timeline” where I select which hours in the day they should be visible.
And then I’ve added the tag expressions in the Opacity window under “COLOR”.

Does anyone have any advice on how I can make this work, or why it isn’t working?

Hi Saraliew,

Not sure from your description how it it not working - i.e. how is it actually behaving?

One thing that could be catching you out though… The result of your tag expression is added to the value you see displayed in the Opacity Window - which has a default value of 100.

To get your tag expression to display as you intend, change the value shown in the Opacity Window to 0.

Hope this helps,


Hi Rob,
That seems to have been the issue, thank you! I thought the opacity was set automatically based on the tag expression so I left it at 100%.
Still have some issues with which image is displayed when, but at least now I can troubleshoot it properly!