Persistent fonts in WFS

Every time I add a custom font to my font list it disappears after I start a new project.
Is there a global font folder for WFS that I can add my fonts to that will persist for every project?

As far as I know this is not possible in WFS, this can be a feature request.
You can add your idea in this thread.

Thank you for the link. I added it.

Really I have the opposite problem I can’t get rid of them.
Create a folder in your workspace Fonts
copy your fonts to that folder and the install in Windows or Mac

You can then add the fonts to your project

You could add them to WFS’s Fonts Folder but I think that whole folder gets erased when there are updates.

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@r.liechty_SDP could you give me an example of the dir path?
I dont have any folders called workspace, my working folder only has a folder “build” in it. Is this the workspace?

Other than that there is nothing on my C: program files, the only WFS folders are in %AppData% folder.

I think what you are calling a working folder is workspace.

When you install WatchFaceStudio it asks for a Workspace directory where all your projects are kept.

by default it is
C:\users\USERNAME\ watchfacestudio\workspace\

When you launch WFS before you open any projects there is a little Gear/Settings Icon click on it and it will tell you the current workspace and let you change it if you want.

You probably have s sub folder called Build. To save space a llot of developers use a separate folder than their projects for their Binary Files (.aab and .tpk files) and you can set that in the Build menu the first box.

In any case if the Fonts are in a sub folder of the same folder specified as Workspace then WFS can find them for the build and you can easily add them to any project.

BTW do not add files to the AppData folder it is intended to store programs and related data that is exclusive to one user as compared to all users on a computer.

If you have your own files in that WFS folder it could be deleted when a new version is installed.

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Thanks for clarifying Ron.