Watch Face Studio Feature Requests (continued)

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Is there voting available for answers with requests?
Why is this separated from the earlier topic? This way it looses continuity, how we know if our idea is new, if we do not see, what was already suggested earlier? How we know if request was accepted into consideration for new updates or simply refused?


Is there voting available for answers with requests?

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Why is this separated from the earlier topic ?

It became too long and got off topic

This way it looses continuity, how we know if our idea is new, if we do not see, what was already suggested earlier?

Good point I will post a list

How we know if request was accepted into consideration for new updates or simply refused?

The WFS development team looks at all requests but some cannot be done they may be against the principles of Wear OS design. They may be impossible to do at this moment, i.e. Health and Weather and they may be out of scope for Watch Face Studio. But all are considered and none are refused.

Having said that some requests were not submitted by me because I know and replied they were not in the scope of what Watch Face Studio is for.


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Previously submitted request

  1. Dark UI or Custom WFS Theme. All pure white UI BG is overpowering content colors and causing eye strain.
  2. cache the AOD check so it does not have to run it each time we build unless AOD is changed
  3. user/developer set variables like has Facer / Include a variable with a TAG to be designated by the designer
  4. Styles limit is too low allow more than 5 styles
  5. Inverse progress bar.
  6. The ability to add Weather
  7. Move the timeline / conditions view to bottom like GWS.
  8. [SC_PER] greater than 100%
  9. Project notes in WFS
  10. A tag that for the what is calendar first day of the week 0 if Sunday 1 if Monday
  11. the ability to move objects/images horizontally and vertically while holding the shift key.
  12. The ability to add Sounds
  13. Auto Generate AOD
  14. Ability to import .PSD (Photoshop Layers) Images.
  15. Tag to display Day-of Week as two characters e.g. Su, Mo, Tu
  16. The ability to have more than one instance of WFS open so one can copy and paste between them or save as complication as GWS did.
  17. Enable Tags for Hex color setting i.e [SC] ? #FFFFFF : #000000
  18. I would like to automatically display the date format for the European Zone 07/10 or the US Zone 10/07
  19. Remove Fonts in WFS dialog box
  20. support for .svg images if allowed by Android
  21. Let developers choose the order of how customization elements are displayed in the “Customize” menu for each watch face. I’ve received customer feedback multiple times regarding this, all requesting “Color” to be among the first options when opening “Customize” menu, because they’re tired of having to scroll through multiple other options every time.
  22. Batch add images. Currently, same as in GWD, we can add only one image at a time. Adding lets say 20 images as a tap to change images is time consuming. It would help if we just tagged all 20 images in the explorer and they were added at once.
  23. Increase image size limit
  24. Change the rotation direction for the second hand when sweep is selected
  25. Show option to change all Health/Weather view (When available) sliders like GWS.
  26. Chronograph support.
  27. Add Sweep to all image selections
  28. Gyro effect/style and be able to enable this particular one setting to all selected layers.
  29. allow animations follow the theme colour,
  30. add In App Purchase support for Play Store
  31. language selection to select a whole language group
  32. Support for otf fonts
  33. possibility to adjust the arc range of circle that will be filled by 100% of the value range.
  34. 100% this^ removing the portion of the progress bar not being utilized and a ccw fill option would save so much time.
  35. Make WFS to name layers based on the name of the graphic file - it will be a massive time saver.
  36. Is it possible to add Barometer feature on a face ? For example if the value is 760mmhg, I’d like to show a sun icone. So depending on the value of the barometer, the face shows an icone (cloudy, sunny, orage, etc.).
  37. We need at least some options for tuning the watch face settings menu, at least the type and position of complications, the size and position of the inscriptions, a user-friendly interface for choosing the theme color.
  38. a tag for the time elapsed since the latest wake-up, maybe in milliseconds, or equivalently, the fixed timestamp of the latest wake-up. These tags would allow the implementation of short one-time animations/transitions
  39. "Add option to have multiple complication types (SHORT_TEXT, MONOCHROMATIC ICON, SMALL_IMAGE) in one complication spot / element - same as Google Fit watch face does
  40. Currently working state - only one complication type can be used, means user cannot set RANGED_VALUE type indicator like “chance of rain” in SHORT_TEXT complication spot. Merging multiple complication_types in one element would allow it."
  41. "Making default color setting “colorful” and making #FFFFFF really white /adding forced white color setting
  42. This can be harder to explain. Currently, when we select the white color #FFFFFF, an element such as MONOCHROMATIC_ICON or every other element is displayed in color."
  43. A way to set the background and text to light or dark based on the theme color selected by the user

Jesus! Loooong request. But very nice! I hope that in next version will be minimum 50% done :pray:

There won’t be half done.
That doesn’t mean the others won’t be in future releases but not the next release.
Some of those suggestions are not valid. I tried to remove them already.

Weather and Health will not be available they are much more complex to implement if possible at all.

30: Google Play IAP
may not be possible and won’t be added anytime soon

Some are already available:
31: Select languages as a group for example is there. Howver, you use the search for English and then select all to select the entire group in the search. In GWD it was sub categories.

35: Layers by File name
already there in the preferences

Samsung Developer Relations

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Hello Ron,

I didn’t find a customizable step goal in the request list. I understand why it’s not possible to sync it with SHealth.
But what if to add it as a tap action option for an image (smth like Set Step Goal)?
Almost all step scales in the watch faces are images. We can set a tap action for them. If this option was selected for an image WFS would declare a variable with the default value from its settings and set onClickListener for this image. And then just rise an activity with an editable text field by tap (double tap is even better).

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Thank you. I guess it was in the previous thread and I missed it. Just didn’t find it in the Ron’s post above.
Thanks again!

I don’t think I included any Health related items.

Samsung Developer Relations

If we had user defined tags (request 3), this would be one of multiple things solved easily. There would be no need to bind it with health topic. You could calculate your own percentage for example like [SC]/([USR_VAR_1]*1000)

I thought about mentioning that but Tizen Watch Face Designers that used Tizen Studio did not have access to Samsung Health API and had to developed their own Step count and percent and some other Health information from sensors. They were given bad reviews and dissatisfied customers because their data didn’t match Samsung Health.

I do not know why Wearable Health Services API does not have a step/calorie/water/caffeine variable. That would be a better solution.


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I mean we already have the [SC] tag right now, then we have the [SC_GOAL], which is fixed value to the watchface project. If we could have user defined variables as a tag, then we could use one of them instead of (or in combination with) this fixed one and it does not need to have anything common with s-health, as it does not have right now anyway.

except customer satisfaction :slight_smile:



I think I know what you mean Ron, if the health services could be shared, it would solve two problems with one shot. I was thinking about workaround again (that would open another posibilies too :slight_smile:)

Hi Ron,
I don’t know why it’s so hard to understand what we’re trying to explain. It would have nothing to do with Health Services. As @Peter wrote, the user would only change the variable that is part of the watch face project. And in terms of that satisfaction … still better when a person manually adjusts the goal of the steps of that watch face to fit him, for example, with the goal of the steps in S Health than he should look at two different goals…user sees not synced goals… he is confused… not satisfied…

Right now we are using fixed project variable [SC_GOAL]… Let’s say I’m using 10000 steps… User on GW4 although want to see 7500 Steps goal as he has in S Health… he is clearly not satisfied with what he sees on watch face… steps goals are different…

Now… we know that connecting SC_GOAL to Health Services or Samsung Health isn’t possible…

Whats possible for user would be to manually adjust SC_GOAL tag (variable) of the watch face… Although he would have to do it manually, he would set the goal of the steps of the given watch face to the same as he has in S Health or anywhere else …

Now we have satisfied customer - same applies to Heart Rate measurement intervals.

We know that this is the only way how to implement this because now our watch face projects need to work also on other devices like TicWatch or Fossil…

So again… We don’t want these two goals / variables to be synced… as they are currently not synced too…

steps heartrate

Four our user, it would be a matter of few clicks & scrolls. Now that would be a better solution ! Because hoping & waiting for something like steps goal in Health Services API could take years…

Please forward this to WFS development team too. They will understand it.


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Hi Tomas,
I totally understand it, and that has already been submitted as a suggestion see #3 but I don’t know if it is feasible.

The WFS team is keenly aware of the desire for a better Step Goal and Heart Rate method.

It is possible to create 10 APKs each with a different goal but everything else the same and upload them as one package. It will load all 10 watch faces on the watch and the user can select which ones he wants to use. You can then delete the others. To get a new goal download the watch face again. There is a Weather watch face that does something similar to this.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Save as complication function would be nice. :+1:

#16 on the list.


Persistent fonts. Fonts are static from project to project and don’t need re adding everytime. Have a font folder we can add to and it will always be available to select in any project.

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