Pixel Watch not honoring complication layout settings

Hi- I’m new to Watch Face Studio, but really appreciate how simple it makes crafting a custom watch face.

I’m noticing some differences between how the watch renders Complications vs how I have set them up in the editor- I assume this is just a lack of full compatibility between the Pixel Watch and Watch Face Studio?

Some inconsistencies I’ve been struggling with:

  • Pixel Watch seems to always show the “Icon + Text + Title” Layout, even if you set up a different one like “Text + Title”.
  • Pixel Watch doesn’t seem to honor a custom width of complication text fields. So, for example, my projected sunset/sunrise time is cutting off, e.g. “6:55A…”, even when I make the field really wide in the editor. (This width seems to be ignored as far as I can tell)
  • Pixel Watch doesn’t honor custom icon placement, like putting a complication’s icon to the left of the text instead of on top

Does this sound pretty consistent with others’ experiences? Or might I be doing something wrong?


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I haven’t seen such things (incorrect layout, unwanted truncated textbox, displaced icon, …).
But indeed WFS seems to be delayed to catch up the latest Google Complication resources. For example:

  • WFS can’t show the calendar icon for “Day and Date” while developing faces, but on the watch, “icon + text + title” loads the icon properly.
  • Current battery complication (on the watch) does NOT render “%” at the tail of battery percentage value, but WFS renders “%” still.
  • Some icon images might be mismatched against the actual Pixel Watch.
  • Font size might be difference a bit between WFS preview and the actual watch.

This shows the preview image in WFS (re-scaled to 384x384 to fit to the actual watch):

And the actual watch does:

Fonts in complication seem to be a bit smaller than desired size when developing though, I haven’t seen any unwanted truncated texts if that textbox was enough wider for it. Check the appearance with “Google Product Sans” and/or major font families like “Roboto”, “Noto”, etc.


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This mistake is often made, because each layout of the complication is independent, if you have added several layouts as shown in the image below and have not modified each to the desired design, you will see the same problems as mentioned.
Most simply, it is recommended to leave only the layout you want and delete the rest.


WFS does not provide data directly about complications. Each application in the device provides the complication data with its own format and own value to the watch face, and the WFS allows it to set a layout of how to place any data when it comes over. In addition, sample data that is expected to some extent is provided for reference, and it is impossible to provide the same sample as the results of each manufacturer.
Since this is the basic operation for complications of the WearOS platform, it is regrettable that WFS does not provide a better experience from a design point of view.

oh wow- thanks! that was not clear to me, and completely explains my issues!