Platform not supported

I am trying to develop wearable app using tizen. I was able to connect my galaxy watch 4 with Tizen (Only connects with sdb with port 5555). I am trying to run a sample app in the watch and I can see my watch in the explorer

but when i try to run the program, i get the following error
"The device doesn’t support the project’s platform, so the prooject may not work properly. Proceed with launch?


When I proceed , then i get this error and nothing will happen


I checked the tizen-studio-data logs and this is the error listed in the log - Failed to get a device information from ‘’ (null)
org.tizen.sdblib.exception.SdbCommandRejectedException: closed

Any idea what is the issue?

Thank you

The Galaxy Watch 4 OS is Wear OS not Tizen, therefore you cannot create an app for GW4 using Tizen Studio…

Thank you very much. Much appreciated

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For wear OS and Wear OS Powered by Samsung Apps you need to use Android Studio see this site.

If you are only doing Watch Faces then Watch Face Studio is the best option.

For older versions of Samsung Smart Watches use Galaxy Watch Studio and Tizen Studio.

Hope this helps,

Samsung Developer Relations