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I know this has been posted before but trying to get GWS to connect to me watch is JUST TOO DAMN DIFFICULT!! I’ve tried all the things, debugged, Wifi, BT, sacrifice a virgin goat, and the bottom line is “sometime it works, sometimes it doesn’t!” Gotta say, the only think keeping my on a Samsung watch was the ability to make new faces. Without that I can get a cheaper, just as good watch and avoid the hassles!


Galaxy Watch3 and Galaxy Watch Active2 will not run on device using SDPoverBT (Bluetooth connection)

If you can’t connect to generate a distributor key that is one issue. There was an issue creating Author and Distributor certificates for the past week but on 06/28/22 My co-worker and myself (remote) tested this today and it worked and generated both Author and Distributor Certificates.

If you go to FAQ 23 and follow the instructions it should connect. If you don’t get the RSA Encryption request when you first try to run on device there is a simple way to fix it. That is the number one reason for not being able to run on Device.

I can work you through any problem outside of firewalls.

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This is the forum for Galaxy Watch Studio for Tizen (Galaxy Watch3 and older) not for Galaxy Watch4 and newer that run on Wear OS powered by Samsung. I will hide your response in a few days.

By the Way Debug over BT is not supported on the Galaxy Wearable App at this time.

Samsung Developer Relations

OK. Once more into the breech.

What’s the way to get the RSA encryption request? But this is way harder than it should be.

Ever see one of those spy shows where a person walks next to someone and spoofs their phone? This is to prevent that and required by privacy regulations now.

C:\Users\USERNAME\ folder there is a .tizen hidden folder. in that are two files sdbkey and rename them or deleted them reboot your watch, and computer. (reboot you watch by holding the power key until it says rebooting. Reboot your computer too so it clears any caches (just shutting down keeps cached items for faster boot up)

Wait a full minute after both computer and watch have started. Make sure debugging and developer options are on for your watch

Launch GWS and as soon as you click to Run On Device keep looking at your watch and as soon as it connects it will pop up the RSA encryption key you have to accept that. Then it will run on your device.

If you were able to connect to create a Distributor Certificate this will work.

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